About Us

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About Us

Teng Bespoke is not your ordinary Japanese restaurant. It does not pride itself as a posh address in town but it certainly does not lack the ambience of a modern Japanese Zen Style interior. The cozy setting of tranquillity is inviting and immediately gravitate your desire for a satisfying gastronomical dining experience. Nowhere would you find such a pinnacle of peace where the mind finds rest while the being samples the exquisite creation of Japanese vegetarian gourmet meal.

At Bespoke, we speak of dining as a healthy lifestyle. Japanese foods may be long hailed as “healthy” as long as we can remember. Our philosophy and resolve at Bespoke is to perpetuate and preserve that lasting reputation. There is no refined flour, no artificial flavour or sugar and no added salts or chemical preservatives used in our preparations. Yet, in the absence of these, we are able to deliver to you, an extraordinarily delicious and authentic Japanese meal. We pride ourselves in the creative, innovative and selective use of natural ingredients. In the pretense of make-believe imitation of the traditional Japanese cuisines, we reinvent a refreshing taste that promises to draw you closer home to a vegan dietary experience. At Bespoke, we debunk the notion that vegetarian dining is inevitably bland.   

For those of us who are not privileged to visit the many reputable Shojin Ryori (Zen Buddhist Cuisine) in Japan, Bespoke is your excellent alternative. At remarkably affordable pricing, the dining experience is comparably similar with a broader and diverse selection on the menu. 

Bespoke is a family-friendly restaurant. We welcome children and are confident that young children can get into healthy eating habits with the right introduction to our highly delicious and tasty children’s favourites. Let our friendly staff pamper you with a lovely and memorable dining experience to bring home. At Bespoke, we believe in making everything right for you.